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Dutch Blinds & Canopy Blinds

Fitting Dutch Blinds across Suffolk & Essex for Homes and Businesses

Dutch blinds and canopies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the most common is the quarter circle. A quarter circle Dutch blind consists of an anodised aluminium extrusion framework. This is white as standard, but can be powder coated to a different colour. The extrusion takes a PVC insert, to which the fabric of choice is attached.

Dutch blinds are suitable for both domestic and commercial use. In addition, they are popular in town High Streets; where window displays require sun protection, with the minimum amount of intrusion into the street.

We employ the skills of a signwriter to hand paint company names, telephone numbers and logos onto our blinds where the customer requires it. A wide range of fabric colours are available for Dutch blinds; ranging from striped multi coloured patterns to plain solid colours.

Why not update your shop front with a fixed or retractable Dutch blind or canopy? They are a great solution to promote your business whilst providing sun and rain protection. For more information, please call or complete our contact form with your requirements. We can give you an approximate cost or arrange for a free, no obligation visit.

 Page last updated on 24/03/21

Dutch Blinds

Dutch Blinds

Dutch blinds offer sun protection to a room, rather than offer a large area of shade like awnings do. They can be permanently fixed in the open position. But, they are most commonly retracted using a pull cord system. For an extra cost, a gear with detachable winding handle or electric operation is available. We can also install an optional protective aluminium hood. This provides protection to the blind from the elements when it is in the closed position. Dutch blinds are less affected by strong winds than awnings. So, they are a lot more durable to leave out during poor weather.



Canopies use the same anodised aluminium framework as Dutch blinds. But, they are constructed to form various (normally fixed) shapes. Like Dutch blinds, they commonly offer sun protection to a room; rather than offer a large area of shade like awnings do. However, since a fixed frame can protrude further than a Dutch blind, they can offer a place of shade to sit under. Additionally, they are suitable for protecting produce, such as fruit and veg, from the elements outside of greengrocers stores, for instance.

Motorisation & Automation

Motorisation & Automation

Dutch blinds and canopies that fold away can be motorised and automated from new, and some older frames retro-fitted. We use Somfy motors and optional extras to do this. Somfy is the world leader in motors and control systems for the automatic movement of products around the home and workplace.  Most high quality blinds and awning manufacturers choose Somfy to power numerous motorised products.

Motorising your Dutch canopy awning or blind does away with the manual pull cord, with the blind instead opening at the touch of a button. This requires no physical effort and is more convenient, as you can operate the blind from inside the room rather than having to go outside.

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