The benefits of awnings that you haven’t considered!

The benefits of awnings that you haven’t considered!

The benefits of awnings that you haven’t considered!

Posted on April 17, 2019

When we think of awnings, the first aspect you may think of is commercial awnings such as installed above a cafe’s external properties.

But did you know that awnings can be used for your home too?

Awnings are installed on the external area, which will be located above the window area or any external spot where you think could use some extra protection.

We believe, amongst our many happy customers, that awnings can be a fantastic bonus to your external outdoor area so we decided to create this blog to inform you of just some of the benefits to investing in awnings for your home comforts.

Protection from the weather

One of the main benefits of investing in the use of awnings is that they can assist your external areas from differentiating weather conditions.

For instance, if you have outside furniture, then these items will be protected whilst being located underneath your awning.

Furthermore, if you are experiencing bright sunshine in the summer then your furniture will be protected from UV rays and keep their original details as harmful UV rays cannot just affect your furniture – but also your skin.

Improves the style of your home

Awnings can provide you with a fantastic addition to the design and style of your property. They can give your property an eye-catching appeal and can make your home stand out from the crowd. Awnings will also create a rise in value for your home if you are looking to sell as they represent a core selling point within the property market.

Access to your outdoor area

As we approach summer and the heated nights looming upon us, we start to open our windows – both during the day and night.

A fantastic aspect about investing in an awning for your home is that it allows the flow of air drift through your home, without the invasion on rainfall and strong winds.

Expanded outdoor living

As we are now in April, we are starting to think about summer and the activities we can pursue in this season – one main idea on everyone’s mind is to utilise their outdoor living area.

When the summer sunshine is blossoming, an awning can provide shelter from the sun while still extracting heat, keeping you protected from harmful UV rays but still providing warmth.

In addition to this, during the cold winter months, you can place a barrier between you and the harmful weather conditions that this season brings.

By investing in an awning, you will be able to utilise your investment all year round, no matter what the UK weather brings.

Awnings are of flexible nature due to the various styles and designs you can pursue and the different forms of windows that they can be applied to.

We have of course only gave only a few of the many benefits of purchasing an awning for your home but our team of specialists is always available to answer any questions or queries you have.

Choosing your provider

Here at Othello Blinds, we have a wide range of fully installed awnings that will provide both shade and shelter to your property. From drop arm to folding, we have a whole range of bespoke styles and designs – making sure your awnings match the requirements of your property’s appearance.

For more information, please contact us today to book your consultation where we will discuss your bespoke requirements.

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