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Wooden Blinds in Chelmsford

Nothing more speaks more style and elegance for your home décor like a beautiful selection of wooden blinds. These particular blinds are increasingly becoming popular because of its function and style. Not only do they suit their purpose well in terms of keeping unwanted glare away but they are also an aesthetically pleasing addition you can make to your interior décor. So if you are looking for the most beautiful range of wooden blinds in Chelmsford, then look no further than Othello Blinds.

Our experience in this industry is vast and wide. We have been in operation for many decades supplying and installing a wide range of blinds, to a wide range of purposes. But what makes us different is that we always stay current with the latest designs and trends. This ensures that we give our customers the best and most current product. Wooden blinds are an example of this and are fast becoming the most sought after style of blinds in Chelmsford. But what makes wooden blinds so popular? Take a look below at some of the benefits we have put together on wooden blinds.

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Why choose wooden blinds for your home?

Extra protection against Light

One of the many benefits of wooden blinds is that they generally have thicker slats which tend to block unwanted light out more than regular blinds do. This does not take away any of the aesthetic appeal that they may have.

Ease of maintenance

Although wooden blinds tend to carry more dust than others, they generally are easier to clean and maintain. All you have to do is follow the direction of the slats and use a damp cloth to keep them clean.

Aesthetically pleasing

If interior decor is something that is a passion for you, then the addition of wooden blinds can add that touch of prestige you may be looking for. Wooden blinds are a standout in any room and really do have a touch of class and they match just about any style or feature you may have.


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As previously mentioned, we have been in this industry for many years and we have built up the reputation of being renowned for our quality and professionalism. The one thing we do not compromise on is quality, so if your looking for a quality wooden blinds solution in Chelmsford, then get in touch today to get a free quote. Even if you are simply gathering ideas for the time being and like the look of the wooden range, then again get in touch and we will consult with you on the best solution. Use the form below, or Call our Chelmsford office on 01245 526045.

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